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FMOC Winter icetrack day at Orivesi 9.3.2013

(Translation: Marko Salminen, SinCity Subtitles)

Organized by the Pony Express Racing Team, this year´s most slides car event was raced at Orivesi, OrSUA's icetrack. Weather was more than winter´s dream. The event raced with the 2CV club and because of the plenty of the drivers, were also OrSUA on behalf of the scene of trackside B-Q and coffee sale.

As above, the day was perfect for the drifting on ice. Sunlight was good enough to tighten the throttle cable to slide the rear in corners. There were five ´Stangs, two Citroen 2v´s, few BMW´s, one Ford F350 Duel and museum plated Mercury Montego. For Mercury, their team asks for a loan some winter tires to replace traditional M+S tires, so you get what you order. 16" rallyspiked under the Mercury and car owner Late told that he´s going to drive with advocate caution, respect for the museum car.

Before the “wild ones” was released, there was briefing at the depot for advice how to work on ice. After all, miscellaneous group got: rallyspikes, winter tires and summer tires, so the speed differences were considerable. Pony Express Mustang was adjusted to fit Elisa and the day was perfect for carrying associate partners like RadioSinCity´s crew. Training day was also needed, the speed increased towards the evening. Team´s “state of the art” service truck was also tested on ice. M+S tires, combined with three and a half tonnes, the curb weight was exciting combination of ice. Late put total flat out in a Mercury, and Icetrack-round was awesome. Even the 2CV:s with studden tires remain behind Mercury. We came furiously to the corners and soft luxury car chassis moved the colossal mass of the outside of the tire when the grip was right.

Everybody get their warms up and we started clocking. Unlike normal, now we went to the flagstart of place and two laps around the icetrack. Two C2V´s got three drivers and they gave a good resistance for the three times heavier equipment. Some of us launched from the line with somekind of “ Dresmann-rage”. Four `Stang´s drifted with normal winter tires. Smooth mound contacts was seen but no proper driving off the road so the equipment damage: no casualties. Offroad award didn´t handed over this year.

The day was success. B-Q depot sold out, weather was perfect, no car damages and many first-timer got a chance to test-drive the ice and spike tires.

1. Joel Inkiläinen 2.07
2. Timo Kosonen 2.08
3. Seppo Niemi 2.19

FMOC Spiketires:
1. Eliisa Malinen Mustang GTS 1.35,33
2. Lauri Salokangas Mercury Montego 1.41,09
3. Sami Syvänen BMW 325 1.42,00

FMOC Normal tires:
1. Jukka Aaltonen BMW 2.02,70
2. Vesa Mattila Mustang GT 2.07,68
3. Petri Hämäläinen Mustang GT 2.07,90
4. Harto Rannisto Mustang 2.18,36
5. Taisto Rajala Mustang 2.19,60
6. Arto Malinen F350 2.30,00