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Rallysprint stars on Ice Charity Event 16.2.2013

(Translation: Marko Salminen, SinCity Subtitles)

Rallysprint stars on Ice Charity Event 16.2.2013 In Finland, for the first time on such a large scale, carried out in a charity event attracted 18 different motorsport drivers to transport the audience to Ikaalinen, where was icetrack made by volunteers. With the nominal sum amount, you got picked up on the racecar and the money went unabridged for Tampere University Children’s Hospital. The number of spectators came as a surprise to everyone. There were over thousand people so we got plenty of non-stop civilian co-drivers from dawn to dusk. There was also Pony Express Team´s Mustang. Very serious faces were seen at the pit stop but after first corner it was pure drool-over by the co-drivers. Because the timing was off, back side “slipped” very often to the snow and the avalanche was on. Drivers were more than happy about the event. Co-drivers happy minds and smiling faces was the best trophy after the driving. This was charity for all. We got to chance to practice, civilians got new experience and a superb mood and most important: help for little children in hospital.

Bumpers flying, engine explodes and tires broke but we got the fun of the lifetime. It was more than joy to make this kind of event for the children. Drivers collected during 4,5 hour event 11440€ for the charity!