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Jalasjärvi Sprint 3.7.2011

And then finally came the day when we get the Mustang pressure tested at gravel bedding course. This was waited for more then ten years! Dream’s used to realize when there is sufficient will to implement the dream..
The trip started on Saturday and a slight tension was already sensed. After all, the previous gravel race was 1 ½ years ago, (with Anglia) and the Mustang was tested on the gravel only the normal amount, zero meter.
I had to drive our accommodation which was a Volvo Cutter, an much experienced old musician bus, better known in the circles as "the Banana" to the paddock. The reason was that other drivers had their own wool sock drawer arrangement dates going at home. Mustang was driven to pits by my wife, although driver's bench had to be shimed a little. Four pillows behind her back were perfectly appropriate, and her boots reach in pedals.
At the racing pits, first thing we had to do was aim to the village for food subtitles, visit to the local custom garage, where the staff was already well in advance for assistance for possible damage on the race. The stable (mustang car garage) population was at Alastaro in Nitronationals Drag Race, so back to the camp to get some lunch. After the meal we forwarded toward village beaches. Artistic swim was interrupted by the thunder over the village, and there was no other choice than to go back to the camp and enjoy the Bananas heat. The temperature had allready rised to 40C in the bus. When the temperature dropped at night close to +15C the cold hit inside a bus.
The next morning was like a Christmas in childhood, today it happens!
The Original strategy is forgotten in a second (to go with second gear from the starting line) and when the lights gave permission to start the first gear was in. Immediately after trying to switch second gear, nothing happens... ????? The old gear stick in hand déjàvu in Kankaanpää flashes through mind. Could there been next gear? FOUND! And more throttle, second gear were out of the game so the whole lap was driven through with big gears. Braking went completely wrong, driving was completely pumping gas and "grandmother to the church" cruising. However, on two occasions we went all gears through to fifth gear, especially in the last straight before the finish line. Just before the finish line was everything that Mustang could give us in use. In the last corner hit the lack of faith, and gear change to fourth, which didn't went in immediately. Fraction of a second flashed in my mind last year's BMW body-image elimination to the Finnish nature in this same corner. Found the right gear, and drive through the last curve. A couple hundred meters after the finish line was a mandatory stop, which, I of course, tried to manage with first gear. All went well until I tried the change a bigger gear, the gear does´t change! "#%¤&/ € @ £ $!!" Number one is in and will remain in the nest, no matter what you do. Driving quietly back to the pits for rigorous analysis of what is now gone wrong.
Car stalls on the pit and gear stick off the pace. At the same moment when the shifter was in my hand, the cause of failure was found, and the reason why the failure happend was holding the stick in his hand. I forgot to put one of the two stoppers on the stick last winter; it was already in front but not in back. Car jacked up and service rushes under the car to try the impossible, switch off the gear through oil sensor hole. Otherwise, a good idea, but you couldn't see the transferor from there. The second round was starting up, so the only option was to go and make discontinue notice at the competition office. Now the assistance of the local usa car garage was needed, Camaro lead Mustang in to the garage to wait for trailer ride home to a car lift in Monday. Chin to the chest and towards the new disappointments.