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Future Cup Kerava 4.5.2013

(Translation: Marko Salminen, SinCity Subtitles)

Summer came at last, even just by calendar. The surest sign of summer is a asphaltsprint season on Future cup. Mustang notified to it to circumvent the whole series just for the sheer experiences in terms of future periods in mind.

We ordered in the winter more denser rear axle ratio over the big sea. When the package finally arrived, it was the contents of something other than what was ordered. Now it was too late to shout from the new package after another, so the season started with 3.73. At Hakala Performance was replaced upper arms by torque arm, and drifting used 700 lbs rear springs replaced 300 lbs in the hope of a better grip. Test drive straight to the jack, and as soon as a couple of hundred meters car stop. The fuel was found run out. So it works, so the gas to the tank and car to trailer, the next day toward Kerava.

Saturday morning at 5.30 am. We started for neighbors joy to enjoy the heavy marine diesels and 7.3's happy mingled, with the roaring of small birds. ´Stang rushed to the motorway, which was anything but hot. The race was easily found in the scene, the trailer in to the park and wait at the race venue chaotic situation. An industrial yard was full of racecars and maintenance cars stucked queuing for inspection and maintenance access to the territory. Registration is reportedly somewhere up ahead, so leave all the equipment in the middle of the yard and look for the competition agency. Table found, and with the the race numbers to reconcile the equipment back towards the survey. The stamp of the car became the first card marking the major arc of a lack of bottom end bolts, then do not know how much they affect the safety of the bolts when the tubes are tin-plated by welder´s profession of the anger, and are for sure the last Mustang´s parts that will destroy. Motorsport bible is so dominant so we fixed it without nagging.

Service location founded from parking space´s back, with no missed announcement. Loudspeaker was standing five meters away and the sound pieces are built from the southeast to the extent that the conversations could forget at the service location’s ´Stangs rear tire had forsaken it´s air along the way, so the reconnaissance would have been difficult without the neighboring stall helping with the air pressure hose. I droved the route three times by bicycle, just to hear that I droved every time it wrong! With one round, security guy tried to sell tickets on the event... In a driver meeting finally told us how the route should be drive.

The first round was delayed because of ambulance break and almost an hour behind schedule race started and reached their first round. Check-lit lamps in red, hoist the rounds to three thousand, and the lights went out, but the lights behind them they didn´t lit. I assumed to be my turn to go forward so left feet up off the floor and get going! That was terrible, bumping gas pedel and my break pedal use was like from the “Finnish Worst Drivers Handbook”. There can not be any more on a winter blade, I´m ashamed! The first yard round and engine stops, pull the car on the road side and slow rolling… Finally car started again and after the next racer… pedal to the metal. Half a kilometer later car went down, but now it requires some piece technology that started after the departure of the darkest toughs. I drive to the side.

During the break, just cruising with the public to the depot, which was discovered by possible defects cause of the loose battery terminal, a hole in the distributor and the cover of ignition circuit breaker. The second round of the output lights are no longer rested on its laurels, but the rear tires were working immediately after extinguishing the lights. Now, not for a bit of momentum as held above, but much still remains to lubricate the wrist that can be said to advocate a race.

The car tires was fine and platform changes were gone in the right direction. Rear axle ratio was totally long, and between two and three …had no gear, no matter how hard you tried to look for. Again, a half kilometer from the finish, the car went off and roll-account wayside stop .I open my mind loudly the racer, witch not for the children to hear of its activities while maintaining almost the nerves. Apparently helped, as took off and the tires worked to get to the trailer and the direction of the next competition. Service Car trailer with the nearby tarmac yard to park and pack a Mustang to the trailer. Right off the automatic gate starts to close and we were again at stall situation. After few phone calls we get the gate open, and fast as a gum gets out to the hair, we get the hell out there. Results: 15 seconds after the second last an over 30 seconds to leader… This is great sport!

Just about the worst race ever, where we have been involved. Rally sausages were cold, ears ringing alerts, the car did not work and my ass was sore cycling and indoor camera didn´t work. Next year again? I DUNNO!