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Pohjoisjärvi sprint 23.2.2013 Keuruu

(Translation: Marko Salminen, SinCity Subtitles)

Hobby Rally group have V8 class from the beginning, but there are not much of races ´cause lack of drivers. Now we got one and our ´Stang got three hard-as-a-rock drivers. Two other backbones were: Jarkko, who have really strong past with motorsports and Vesku, who´s speed on asphalt is excellent and he has won several events with his ´Stang. One or another way we could activate other V8 drivers to pring their equipment on the tracks.

Raceday eve came with bad news; Vesku was unable to join in the competition. A quick cellphonehell to found potential drivers went down to the well, but the spare driver was found closer than anyone could have expected. There she was, sitting next to me on a couch: Eliisa! She really have showed her skills to keep the ´Stang on the track and we already got test drived on the ice, the command was a fact. A little bit of “female-kind-of-curl” was in the air but we found consensus very quickly.

Strain night, gears on and noses towards to Keuruu. I was worried among myself that do I have aboard big enough Roll Over therapy bottle. Basic routines and we walked the race route on foot, even it was familiar from last year´s Hobbyrally: SS 1. The route was now plowed wider than the last year and the length was a bit longer. There was much of ground frost wich mend that if you are careless with your gaz-guzzler : “driver will turn to passenger”.

I started the first route and Eliisa was a co-driver. Flag up and the pedal to the metal. Road was filled with snow-leavings and ´cause of permafrost the car was more in the air than on the ground. `Stangs chassis was not mend to this kind of road so were forced to brake all the time. When we came to the highest jump, I had to brake although the mind urged to press the gas. Small sightsee on the air and after that sliding through the finish line. Eliisa gave a strong statement of his ability to operate the recent rollercoaster all over again. Protests treated only after the race so a quick driver change and re-queue for a new run.

Even on a starting point the driver questioned her own intelligence to drive this trough. Flag up and mumble changed to V8`s roar. `Stang disappeared to the winter scene. Driving instructions was well under control and co-driver was his mouth shut. Corners pull-trough, steer to the direction of the slide and eyes to the next corner. After the last corners when the `Stang stopped roaring, the cabin filled with loud smiles and screams of joy buzz. Strain was gone. Depot again, crew exchange, the family Uotila moved to tame a Mustang´s all 180 wild horses between track walls. Their tests was limited to only one time on ice, but when you got the talent you don’t have to practice and race plan kept until the rear end went straight on the mushroom-snow and spinning was a fact,.. Stuck in the middle of the road into deep grooves and external thrust was needed. Competition rank was lost, as time was calculated by both rounds together. On the break the organizer made the right choice to grub the track, which in some places had already got snow tens of centimeters. Many competitors had already been forced to home garage with chin on chest, due stock losses. For example guys with V1600 Hyundai had obeyed the small voice inside the head with a bract-brain and training flights conducted to show the belly landing on the outside of the road. Hydraulic deceived, the transition to the depot rallysausage line was no longer an option. But our machine work! Here we go again in a same order.

Nothing less we didn´t start to secure our possession, especially when the race was really different compared to the first round. In the halfway of the race, hasp of the hood wrecked and tension went to the top. Should I stay or should I go? One round without problem and driver change. We asked on the start lane one extra minute between us and them who came after us. Eliisa took the `Stang on the road like walking the dog! Fore fronted corners and balls to the wall... Flag off and the joy was incredible. Good intact race. Need more of this...

Jake had good grips with the car and was already in the second round within two seconds behind the class leader times. It went very well for the whole team, the whole team in the top three in V8-class! It wasn´t the reason that there were slight lack of drivers, but all three drivers take the hell on wheels and ice. We gave a good challenge for the competitive fleet.

The competition started with 102 drivers and our ranks were:

Arto: addition 49. and class 1
Jarkko: addition 72. and class 2
Eliisa: addition 73. and class 3