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MOMO drifting Alastaro 23.9.2012

(Translation: Marko Salminen, SinCity Subtitles)

Testdrivings at Jurva inspired us to sign up for summers last final driftingrace at Alastaro. We did the testdrivings in a dry tarmac, the car worked perfectely and logigal. We didn´t have to chance chassis control. Foreca (finnish weather service) told us one week before the actual race that rain possibility will be ground zero. But how did things turn out in a raceday... Rain possibility turns out 96%! And as you can guess, the sky exploded and the rain felt down like a biblical deluge. Our mechanic Rami from Pori came with us and as you can imagine that he was soggy wrenchman during the day! .

For the first exercises we went with a little bit tension in a leg because we knew that the racelane under the rain was more like icehockey skeet course and with this our Mustang we had no chance to tested car in the rain. First three test runs maked it really clear that we really have to do something. Two 360´ degree spins and one lane-off spin was enough to move us in garage. Rami took off the backstabilisator and changed reartires. We hoped that those chances would give us more grip. Bullshit! Suspension was too tight for these kind of weatherconditions. In fact when you get over certain kind of angle you can´t save it. Also the lack of drivingvisibility made the driving extremely hard. One straight-trough drive over a big water puddle was enough to turn the vechiles interiors to a steam bath! Mustang should have been a gravel tray and placed the right choice in such circumstances.

Semifinal went the same accuracy as how you correct diarreah by farting... Racelane started remain in the possession, but the big angles were difficult to control. The first run was due to cautious, get us ridiculous 39/100 points (100 is Maximum). The second run, differential-lock broke, and left us out keeping at critical points. A One on One driving instructor at the meeting clarified the review criteria and were divided into the drop-down chart. My surprise I did not found myself in the diagram, and after a quick survey I found out that lack of our points was the reason to left out. No can do... So the Driving suite changed to jeans and the car on the trailer. Other racers were waiting for access to the line up, when one of the three official bounces did somekind of Batman-speedrun to us telling that we are back in the game. No questions, we´re back on the race! Driving overalls on and with exhaust pipe glowing straight to the startlane. One-on-One startlane my opponent was sticker-filled “Kamikaze-syndrome” Japanese car and the car´s rear spoiler was probably stolen from Star Trek´s Enterprice.

First the warm-up lap and then pedal to the metal and race was on. Japanese was ahead and I get really near and I focused on ahead driving opponents drivinglines. I get really close to Japanise but did not even consider opening the gas, when the stern was rear alongside and spinning was a fact. Next run other say, but the result was already known: Heading to home. The race was a lot of valuable information, the development and the first running experiences driftingrace. Work must be made to the garage vastly more than when running against the clock. This years races was here, winter rallyes and sprints while waiting for the garage further refine the equipment!