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Future Cup Nurmijärvi 5.5.2013

(Translation: Marko Salminen, SinCity Subtitles)

Vehicle was parked for the night at Riihimäki - Tuumacid's back yard, where we headed to the next day's struggle in Nurmijärvi. Cause of the exhaustion of the rear suspension bottoms and thus the fuel runs out, because the fuel lines runs straight above stern. The rear suspension was raised to 4cm, and because it was raining a summer style, we traded under the patterned Nittos. Announcer form to agree to accept the first round of the general public because the precision weather promised a sun in the afternoon. We discovered that the fuel was so precise enough for two laps that were ordered from Päivi which, moreover, coming on the racetrack, more fuel. You get what you want, in the jug came over 60 liters of gasoline.

Before starting line there were cleaning lane for tires and the brake pedal felt strange & soft. Start lights were already familiar with exhaustion after the direction was a bit forward, side to side and almost accelerating. I was horrified, seemed to leach until the first corner from the brake pedal and then full force. Apply the handbrake and continued to travel by hull side. Brake pedal get the grip back but little bit of a lack of confidence struck me out. So I decided to come across the corners when you do not have to rely on the brakes and with gas pedal Mustangs anyway are controlled. Not so many corners, and the first end spinning was a fact. Tires got no grip at all. The audience liked.

During the break, we explored the brake problem, which was another front brake hose failure at the root. Fixing the problem and changing tires for a second round. Functioning problem seemed disappeared, at the first round car does not have any rolling problem and it increased speed for the very top.

Second round, the grip had returned to the car and accelerated directly toward the first curve which came to a very small doubt on the brakes. Engine problem came back. As soon as the car had to deal with G-forces, it went out. It does not like to move wheel-line, only sliding? However, I continued to race to the finish as fast as possible and get at least some kind of time to scoreboard. Car went out four times during the drive, traction went off in the corners, but on the straights it had full force. At finish lane my mind had already ordered the car exorcist or any other shaman to get the evil spirit out, as well as marinate for myself at sauna. Laptime improved anyway for 20 seconds, and the top was down to 10 sec. Quite possible to reach, IF the equipment works and IF we found driving touch. Otherwise, the race was a good taste in my mouth, arrangements work smoothly. No unnecessary waiting’s, guides worked out well, everyone was happy and sausages were hot. Next year again, for sure!