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Ford Mustang Owners Club race day in Botniaring 9.9.2012

(Translation: Marko Salminen, SinCity Subtitles)

Because the rest of the year competitions were only on asphalt.., we decided to take the maximum garage work to the drifter. We utilizing rally Mustang with shock absorbers and take the Caster-Camber plates in use. Front shock absorber was broke at Parkanos race..

We took the roadtrip toward to the Sällicamp, where we´ve got a rented cabin for a ”Spiritual preparation.” Evening went nicely for planning the strategy and in the morning we got the spirit and the right mood for the race. Racelane was misty and our test drive began at noon. Ecoline´s trunk was loaded full of extra tires to keep the hell on wheels. The day first purpose wasn´t to get the best ring time... purpose was to get touch car behavior for drifting. First tires from the rear were dead after 15 min. After fast wheel changing back to the course and we founded right stability to steer the ´Stang . Power seems to be OK, but when driving in fourth gear it ran out at the end of the bend. Next time we have to change denser rear axle ratio.

We did a few rear tire changes and then the `Stang were willing to believe the driver. We decided to change tires to get more grip and adjust the drivers seat to the straight-full-front position. The driver changed to Ellu, just fourth time of driving experience on a track. Guideline was that she don’t came pit, before she has drive out. In a one hour our gasoline started to end and that´s why we had the compulsory pit-stop. Ten litres gas on the tank and back on the lane, that went well! No spinning during the racelane time. But we need more speed... But we were happy of our performance.

During the day we also drive FMOC:s Salom Cup:s last race, where our team were in very good situation. In the parking lane were was made a race court witch was very fast! The race itself was very quick ´cause the lack of opponents... instead two rounds we drove three circuits. The net results for us was EXCELLENT!

Wrenchman Toni won LK3:s and co-driver Helkku were 2:nd! Arto won the LK 4 and he was the 1st at the general race! Vesku won the LK 5 an that’s why his hence was 6th! Ellu was Lady Cup´s second and total 4th!